Is Coaching Right for Me?

Only you can decide. Coaching can help anyone, but it’s not for everyone. Research suggests, with the right approach, coaching is very effective. Below we ask some questions to help you make an informed decision. In return, we provide customised feedback for food for thought. There are no right or wrong answers —it all depends on you and your unique needs. Please note we treat your answers in strict accordance with our privacy policy.

Please state how much each of the seven statements describes your current situation. If you wish to change your answer, unselect your original response before changing your selection. Many thanks.

1. I want to make some positive changes to my life
2. I'm looking for better ways to reach my goals
3. I prefer guidance instead of being told what to do
4. I'm prepared to re-examine and shift some preconceptions
5. I would appreciate someone listening attentively to my needs
6. I can set aside a bit of time each week to focus on myself
7. Which areas of your student life would you like to improve? (Click as many as apply)

And lastly, to learn a little about you and email your results for safe keeping

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