Homo Habilis

1.9–1.6+ Million Years Ago - Homo habilis

It’s still open to debate when the first Homo appears on the evolutionary scene. For instance, the 2 million-year-old Homo habilis fossil unearthed in Olduvia Gorge by Louis Leakey could, some say, be in fact an Australopith, or even another homo line.

However, by 1.8 million years ago, Homo habilis were using stone tools, and therefore, possessed a fair degree of extended-self ability. However, given these tools were simplistic and ‘ape-like’, most agree this does not infer any conceptual self-abilities.

Yet these tools do suggest a greater extended-self than Australopiths as their tools were found some distance from their original rock sources. In other words, Homo habilis carried its tools with them. And this suggests a more enhanced ability to look into the future. As for conceptual-self abilities, the jury is still out whether H. Habilis possessed a spoken language.

Self Awareness Capabilities