4.4–1.2 Million Years Ago - Australopithecus

This small, bipedal African primate, in reality, is made up of at least seven species. While Australophithecus species looked very different from each other, they possessed similar levels of self-awareness as far as we know.

More similar to a bonobo, and therefore more human-like than a chimpanzee or gorilla, they are believed to have lived in stable social groups. And while no evidence exists, it’s possible they used crude artefacts, such as hammers.

Scientists believe that this early hominid possessed both ecological and interpersonal-self ability, as well as a basic type of extended-self ability (albeit spending probably only moments in either the past or the future). It is also speculated they experienced a low level of private-self ability, e.g. the ability to empathise with fellow Australopiths. However, it is strongly believed they possessed no conceptual-self abilities.