Applied Self-Leadership Programme – Rolling Out This Year

Full Course Programme + Digital Badges + Certificate of Achievement – Addressing the Missing Link in the University Curriculum

Learn, apply, improve and evidence the must-have self-leadership skills, capabilities and habits of mind needed to thrive at university, in life and in the workplace. 

Perfect if you…

  • Zwant to improve your performance and capacity to thrive
  • Zrecognise the need to prove your self-leadership skills to employers
  • Zwish to work well, not harder
  • Zdesire to make a real difference in the world


It’s pivotal because you’re unlikely to become a true self-leader if you’re not asking this question. Or you dismiss the question too quickly because you think (maybe wrongly) that you’re already a top-notch self-leader.

Or if you do ask yourself this question and then do nothing, it will fade from memory… until the situation demands it, like sitting in front of a recruitment panel posing similar questions.

Or you could answer this pivotal question with a calm, confident “yes”.

Your skills are growing and the results are coming in. Unfazed, you’re excited by learning new stuff and solving complex problems. You’ve got systems in place to deal with demanding workloads and hard-hitting deadlines. And yet, you still have time to rest and play. And when mistakes and problems inevitably arise, you’ll know exactly how to deal with them, bounce back and know what and how to do it better next time. You’re thriving.

And you do all this with an open mind and humility.

But you weren’t born this way. You continuously learn to be a self-leader.

We are not born with an instruction booklet, but if we were, I am sure the first chapter would explain the art of self-leadership.

Dr Maike Neuhaus, via

How do I Become a Self-Leader? By Learning, Not Guesswork.

Attending university is a fantastic opportunity to learn subject skills and gain valuable real-world experiences. But it’s now widely recognised that we need to explicitly teach the self-leadership skills needed to help you thrive and excel. 

Our shared learning outcome is for you to experience positive shifts in perception, mindset and behaviours to fulfil your potential. Let’s break that down a bit. Our first-of-its-kind programme, designed to fit around your existing commitments, involves seven learning objectives:

  • PAssess, understand, apply and improve your self-awareness skills, capabilities and habits of mind

“Why? Without self-awareness, real change is misguided, if not impossible”

  • PUnderstand, apply, evaluate and improve your self-leadership skills and capabilities
“Why? So life gets better and better”

  • PCreate an effective productivity system that suits your unique needs
“Why? Because getting stuff done, better, smarter and faster, is a huge weight off your mind”

  • PAssess and develop greater emotional resilience and mental fitness capabilities
“Why? A happy, resilient brain learns and performs better.”

  • PAppraise and model best practices in giving and receiving feedback
“Why? So your heart doesn’t sink when it isn’t great news. Nor others when you dish out the feedback.”

  • PGenerate increases in intellectual flexibility and agile creative thinking
“Why? Because analytical thinking is only half the story. Creative agility is equally demanding and needed.”

  • PExperiment with and apply visual thinking to generate insights into complex problems
“Why? The world is plagued with complex problems. You want to solve them. We want to help you.”

Programme curriculum: Seven progressive learning units

Your Applied Self-Leadership Programme Course consists of seven highly interactive learning units that work and play well together.


Everybody makes the mistake of thinking they are self-aware. But you, us and everyone else is plagued by blindspots. In fact, research shows that self-awareness is remarkably rare! Yet by becoming self-aware, we are rewarded with incredible opportunities for growth. Our pre-requisite unit shows you how.

Self-Awareness Course
Am I a self-leader? How do I optimise my self-leadership?
A Warm Welcome | Part 1: GROW Better. All About You | Models of Change | Joyful Improvements | Gauge Reality | Reach Goals | Optimise Performance | Winning Achievements | Change Dynamics | Part 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Self-Leadership. In Theory.. and Reality | It Starts with Awareness | Heading in the Right Direction | Motivation - An Inside Job | Beware the Regulators | A Big Dose of Compassion | Rewarding Benefits | Promoting Forward Steps | All Together Now
How do I make the most of life? What is the best way to be my most productive?
Part 1: It's About Time. The Mobile Production House | Full Disclosure | Lock It Up | The One Thing | Break it Up | Rhythm and Flow | Time Shredders Part 2: Take off the brakes. The Presence of Mind | Organisational Forklifts | Better Decisions | The Good, Bad and Ugly of Perfectionism | The Pulling Power of Procrastination
What can I do to thrive and excel? What's holding me back from flourishing?
Part 1: Getting into Shape. It Starts with Perception | The Wellbeing Continuum | The Positivity Ratio | The Power and Perils of Stress | A Surfing Lesson | Taming Anxiety | Beyond Resilience | Design For Fitness Part 2: Essential Support Systems. Sleep It Off | Renewable Energy | The Social Self | The Full Body Sync | Supportive Environments
Am I modelling best practices in giving and receiving feedback?
Part 1: Feedback In Theory. The Feedback Imperative | Reframing Feedback | Feed Back, Up and Forward | 360 Degrees of Feedback | It's Give and Take Part 2: Feedback In Action. Attentive Listening | Tough Conversations | Feed Yourself | Roleplay In Action | Rebranding Your Feedback
How can I ignite my creativity? Am I flexing my cognitive abilities?
Part 1: The Creative Brain. A Whole Brain Workout | Curious Inspiration | Stoking the Imagination | Diverge + Converge | The Big Picture Part 2: Flexing Your Agility. Elastic Thinking | Creative Fluency | Pattern Spotting | An Agile System | Your Creative Task
How well do I thrive on dealing with complexity? How can I contribute to solving the world's problems?
Part 1: Flipping Problems. The Anatomy of a Problem | Black Box Thinking | Reframing Problems | Generating Diversity | Idea Selection | An Empathetic Roadtest Part 2: Overcoming Problems. Rebellion With A Cause | Visual Doing | A Complex Tookit | Visual Prototyping | Do It Yourself | Accounting For Change
Joining the dots

How will I learn?

Whether for yourself or others, leading change demands a robust system to bring about the desired results. While we introduce several change-making frameworks, our contribution and your transformation uses our GROW Better™ model, a theoretically underpinned and empirically supported framework to help generate the results you want.

GROW Better Model. Gauge, Reach, Optimise and Winning

To kick-start your transformative journey, it’s important to understand ‘Where Am I Now?’. Self-awareness is the critical first step to getting the results you want.

As this is easier said than done, you will have full access to a wide range of easy to use science-based self-assessment tools.


Setting goals is relatively easy. Choosing the right goal, however, can be tricky. But reaching a goal is often highly problematic!

That’s why our model’s second step focuses on REACH, not the goal itself.

We draw on the best available scientific advice to help you reach your goals. 


The best way to optimise your performance is to take small steps consistently in the right direction.

But which steps, how many, and in which direction?

We take out the guesswork and have done the heavy lifting for you. Instead, you will benefit from being served up tools, customised to suit your unique needs.

This way you can unlock and accelerate your potential the smarter, faster, better way.


It’s important to regularly check-in to see whether you’re winning and celebrating small wins along your transformative journey.

Our learning platform helps you know whether you’re winning, or not, and guides you along a successful path.

Winning is a cumulative process – step by step, win by win, adds up to sustainable and excellent results. 

Joining the dots

Online Learning That Works For You

Our active learning approach is packed with interactive tools. We follow our 10 C’s of online instruction

Customised Learning


Customised learning is far more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Learning with Peers


Learning shouldn’t be a lonely experience. Be part of a community of self leaders

Clarity for learning


Clarity, not confusion, fuels successful learning, application and progress

Criticality and Learning


Critical thinking and doing better enabled by innovative learning technologies

Chunking learning


Bite-sized chunks of learning aid comprehension, memory and better recall

Challenges accelerate learning


Challenges correctly paced and spaced, stretch us to reach our full potential

Creative learning


Creativity engages the mind. Dull materials have the opposite effect

Compassionate Learning


Compassionate, non-judgmental teaching opens minds and hearts

Cohesive Learning


A cohesive learning experience helps learners connect the dots

Change for Transformative Learning


Transformative learning involves a personal journey of positive change

Joining the dots

How will I be rewarded?

The positive changes you will make will be intrinsically rewarding. But as an accredited training provider, we believe it’s also important to recognise, incentivise, reward, communicate and verify your achievements.

At the end of each learning unit, you will earn a Digital Badge certifying your achievement. If you choose to complete the whole course programme bundle, you will either earn a Certificate of Achievement (for passing each learning unit) or a Certificate of Excellence (for achievements + course engagement).

Our badges adhere to the guidelines set by the Mozilla OpenBadge Standard, meaning they’re not only secure but portable and verifiable by employers. And to celebrate your badges and certificate, you can share your achievements across social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

Please note: Our learning unit in self-awareness is a pre-requisite course for any of our other units within our Applied Self-Leadership Programme. You can take one unit, several or all of our units. 

Self-Awareness Micro-Credential
Coaching package is flexible
Essentials of Self Leadership Badge
Feedback Best Practices
Productivity Skills Badge
Mental Fitness Capabilities Badge
Creative Agility Badge
Complex Problem Solving Badge

When Can I Start the Course?

Our pre-requisite unit of learning, self-awareness, is starting shortly, and we have free places for a limited amount of time! Click here to grab your free place. Alternatively, sign up for email announcements to be the first to know when units of learning are rolled out. We would love you to join our new community of self-leaders.

Stand out in a crowded job market

Ready to stand out from the crowd?

With hundreds of thousands of graduates entering the job market every year, with a degree just like you, we want you to stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.


How much time do I need to commit to the course?

Our programme units of learning are designed to fit around and enhance your studies and/or job performance.

When each unit of learning is released, we’ll let you know how long it will take. For instance, our pre-requisite course is designed to take less than 5 hours.

Does the course have assessments?

As employers want evidence of skills, assessing your progress and achievements is evaluated. However, don’t be put off as we’ve developed an assessment system that differs from a degree.

  • Unlimited attempts for each assessment. However, with clear instructions, and constructive feedback, you are likely to celebrate your pass with each effort.
  • Choice of assessment. For each learning unit, you will have the choice of two or three options to assess your learning, skills and habits of mind. Our pre-requisite course, however, involves multiple-choice questions – nothing too onerous!
  • Bite-sized assessment. Like our learning materials, our assessments are bite-sized, so you can easily fit them around your current commitments.
  • Engaging and fun. Assessments should not be boring and onerous. Instead, our small, fun assessment tasks will accelerate your progress.

Will the course be accredited?


As an accredited CPD provider, we will be inviting The CPD Group, a globally recognised CPD accreditation body, to validate and accredit each unit of learning as they are released.

For us, our success is your success. So we want to make sure our initial learners are super happy with their course before accreditation occurs. However, accreditation will be in place before the beta course programme ends.

How much will each unit of learning cost?

Our pre-requisite course is currently free for a limited amount of time. However, there will be a modest £39 if you wish to gain an accredited micro-credential.

The six remaining units of learning will be £99 each. If you choose to undertake the whole programme, then a discount will be available – please sign up for our email course alerts to be the first in the know!

Do you offer an affiliate scheme so I can get paid for referrals?

Yes, absolutely, but only learners who pass will have the option to get rewarded for referrals. 

We recognise our programme units of learning are an investment. So it makes perfect sense to reward learners who want others to benefit from our course as well. 

But as authenticity is one of our core values, it also makes sense only to allow those learners who have genuinely benefited and fully experienced this unique opportunity. 

Therefore, successful learners could earn a 10% referral fee, every time they successfully refer a learner to a course unit of learning to allow others to benefit too.

That means, if you choose to refer 10 people who enrol on our course, you could recoup the full cost of a course. 

Do I have to be a dissertation student to undertake this course?

No, you do not have to be a dissertation student to access and benefit from our courses.

While our primary audience is research students (or supervisors!), this course would suit anyone from an undergraduate (let’s say a second-year student) to someone who has graduated in the last few years to even those in top-management.

The beauty of a customised course is that when we ask you about your career stage, the course will update in real-time to match your specific needs.

Can someone else pay for my course?

Absolutely! Anyone – a parent, guardian, friend, employer, or another benefactor – can gift you the full cost of the course. This option will be available upon checkout. To give you access, your benefactor needs to enter your name and email address so that once payment is accepted, you receive your log-in details to access the course. Please note your benefactor will not have access to the course.

Any other questions?

Please do feel free to ask us any other course questions here. Thank you.