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Most of us think we are self-aware. But the research proves otherwise—self-awareness is remarkably rare. This holds us back as genuine self-awareness is linked with many positive outcomes, including transformative leadership—of both ourselves and others. Be different. Become self-aware.

Self Awareness Course

Master the skills, capabilities and habits of mind of a self-aware leader and accelerate your research abilities, employability, happiness, work performance and leadership potential.


Self-awareness is sorely needed during a dissertation, and is a highly sought-after skillset in the workplace—in academia, industry or the third sector.

Being self-aware is a well-known source of personal and professional development and improvement. And it’s absolutely essential for transformative leadership. But there’s a problem. 

Recent, compelling research shared in our course, demonstrates that dissertation programmes, from undergraduate to PhD, do not explicitly teach this skillset.

Even current leadership development and MBA programmes fall short. They mistake self-awareness for a personality trait—but a personality quiz isn’t going to cut it.

Self-awareness is a state, not a trait. What’s more, it’s multidimensional and complex.


Self-awareness is often taught in a limited way, generally focusing on only one or two components of the construct. […] Educators could dedicate an entire module or even program to the topic of self-awareness.


Carden, J., Jones, R. J., & Passmore, J. (2022). Defining self-awareness in the context of adult development: a systematic literature review. Journal of Management Education46(1), 140-177.


dissertation help is needed

As your course instructor, it’s great to offer a course that fully meets the recent call for people to be taught self-awareness. It shows you not only what could be done, but why and how self-awareness can be achieved. Please join us and be in the first cohort of learners to experience our Learning Experience Platform as well as reap the benefits of self-awareness.

Dr Nicola Thomas Founder of DISSERTOLOGY

Dr Nicola Thomas, PhD, FHEA, PgCertHE, Founder, Self-Awareness Course Instructor, DISSERTOLOGY

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As this course is a first of its kind, we are keen to get rapid and honest feedback from those who will benefit from its valuable content.

Who will benefit? Potentially anyone. Students – undergraduates to PhDs (nope, you don’t have to be doing a dissertation), a research supervisor and/or lecturer, a recent graduate or someone in top management. Our customisable course updates in real-time to match your unique needs.

What do I need to sign up?

  • A curious, open mind
  • A willingness to tell us what you really think
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* Is it really free? Yep, we are giving everyone, for a limited time only, the chance to access and complete this course for free. Please note if you want an accredited micro-credential, please see our FAQ below as this carries a modest cost.

After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Clearly explain what self-awareness is, what it isn’t, and how it challenges so many of the faulty beliefs and practices we experience in our personal and professional lives.
  • Recognise the thin line between rumination and reflection, and how to become more self-aware in a healthy, positive way.
  • Feel confident about seeking actionable feedback from the right people, in the right way, at the right time.
  • Identify and action many opportunities for positive growth.
  • Experience a journey of self-discovery in a positive and supportive environment.
  • Be one step ahead to becoming a transformative leader, for self and others.

Your Questions Answered

How is the course delivered?

It’s 100% online. Self-paced. And grounded in teaching best practices. Here’s what makes our course different:


  • It’s Customised. When it comes to effective learning, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work nearly as well as a tailored one. We don’t use any sneaky algorithms—call us old-fashioned, but that’s what conversations are for! In other words, we ask you some questions, e.g. which career stage are you at?, and the course updates in real-time. Most online courses are the same whoever you are. We think it’s time this changed!
  • We don’t want to send you to sleep. But too many online courses do. It’s just one video, after another. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to learning. Instead, we mix things up. Podcasts, interactive slides, knowledge checkpoints, Q&As, dynamic content delivery, self-assessment tools, and yes, a few videos as well.
  • Bite-sized learning. All our learning content is served up in bite-sized topics, to both ease learning and help you to easily fit the course around your current commitments.

How long will the course take?

Good question!

You may have noticed above that we’re only releasing Part 1 at the start. And that’s because we’re still doing Part 2!

The course will likely only take 3 to 5 hours… but let’s not forget, and something we emphasise in the course… self-awareness is a life-long endeavour. And importantly, you’ll finish the course with the tools and insights you’ll need to benefit your career.   

Will the course be accredited?


As an accredited CPD provider, we will be inviting The CPD Group, a globally recognised CPD accreditation body, to validate and accredit this course as soon as it’s complete and we’ve gathered and responded to your feedback.

For us, our success is your success. So we want to make sure our beta learners are super happy with their course before accreditation occurs should you wish to be rewarded with an accredited digital badge.

If I want an accredited micro-credential, what will this cost me?

As a beta tester (someone trying a new course before it’s offered more widely), you are able to complete the course for free. And while there is absolutely no obligation, we know people see the value in micro-credentials. That’s because: Employers want proof of skills; Job-seekers need to standout; and LinkedIn found that people who add credentials to their profile receive 6x more profile views than those who don’t.

Our beta-testers will be able to gain an accredited digital micro-credential, once the course is completed, for only £39. If you’re unfamiliar with the online course marketplace (the good ones at any rate!), this price is great value for money. 

Who will be teaching this online course?

Dr Nicola Thomas, the founder of Dissertology. That’s me, by the way. However, teaching this course is a far cry from how I taught in Higher Education. There are no ‘lectures’; instead, I’m the ‘guide from the side’. And throughout your time with us on the course, I will be one click away for timely support, questions, or giving and receiving feedback.

Any other questions?

Please do feel free to ask us any other course questions here. Thank you.

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