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Unlocking Student Potential

Problem Statement

Students are not explicitly taught the full set of self leadership capabilities and habits of mind needed to succeed in learning, in life, and in the workplace.

Launched in November 2021, DISSERTOLOGY’s ‘what?’ is to bridge the skills gap that employers have long recognised. But all too often, the qualities that employers want—for instance, resilience, creative agility, dealing with complexity, feedback, productivity and managing time well—are either left to guesswork or mistaken for personality traits. People get stuck—”This is who I am”.

But compelling and mounting research tells a different story. Far from fixed, these sought-after qualities are learnable with the right kind of intervention.

But when we dug deeper, we quickly realised a much bigger issue—no one is connecting the dots.

The same skills needed to thrive in life, are the very same as those needed to study and learn better, achieve peak performance, and how to get and flourish in a purposeful career.

So what is the skillset? Self Leadership.

Joining the dots

In my associate professor role, I was straightjacketed in my ability to truly unlock and accelerate my students’ potential.

Teaching subject skills? No problem. Giving out student advice, motivational and emotional support—whenever I could. And I loved it. But when we consider the wealth of know-how and tools known to help people become the best versions of themselves, the system falls short.

Self management doesn’t go nearly far enough. Self leadership, the ability to positively influence and apply ourselves, on the other hand, goes several steps further.

Self leadership shows us not only what could be done, but why and how it can be achieved.

We don’t question the need to explicitly teach subject skills. But the same should equally apply to self leadership, as this skillset enhances learning, wellbeing and employability!

With more than enough subject skills to pack into a degree, it’s easy to understand why this skills gap exists. But neither can we ignore it. It’s time this changed.

Dr Nicola Thomas Founder of DISSERTOLOGY

Dr Nicola Thomas, PhD, FHEA, PgCertHE


Our Philosophy

A systems approach is the best way to optimise academic success, increase thriving and boost employability

Applying self leadership to wellbeing, academic success and employability demands a systems approach.

Systems thinking is the best way to join the dots and helps to solve complex issues—from climate change to systemic racism.

What most overlook is that systems thinking also helps an individual thrive. After all, the most complex system known to humankind exists within you—the human brain!

By taking a holistic approach, it’s much easier to see what’s holding us back, and what can propel us forward. We can begin to understand why, for instance, a student who is succeeding academically may be miserable, whereas a happy-go-lucky student may be missing the desired marks.

And a system approach to self leadership also helps to identify where, how, when, what and why we can leverage the most change.

Holistic Thinking

Holistic Thinking

Interconnected View

Interconnected View

System Solutions

Course of Action

Our Mission

To provide personalised,  transformative learning experiences to help students grow and thrive

Everybody needs a system for success. But everyone is unique. So we’re offering you the chance to experience a hyper-personalised learning experience designed to leverage real change.

And to make things fun, engaging and responsive, we use interactive learning technologies, draw on cutting-edge behavioural science insights, and provide genuine, timely support, to keep you moving forwards.

And not a Powerpoint slide in sight…

Transformative Learning Experience

Our Compass

PEAK: Our Code of Values

To help us help you, our code of values keep everyone on track.



Because most of us don’t reach our full potential. And yet everyone – including you – can.



The evidence, not guesswork, helps to leverage our potential and reach peak performance.



Getting real, being honest with ourselves and those around us, is the best way to make progress.



Being kind to ourselves, to others, to our environment, and a kind workplace is best for everyone.

Joining the dots

Where Next?

In need of a boost?

Our accountability coaching is ideal if you want to overcome procrastination and reach your goals. You’ll also benefit from an attentive, non-judgemental cheerleader.

Are you a self leader?

Self leadership offers wide-ranging benefits. It’s sorely needed to excel in, and enjoy a dissertation. It also boosts employability and helps us thrive, both personally and professionally.