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The research is clear. Success—in research, the workplace and in life—is far greater when we invest in self-leadership. We help you, your dissertation and job applications stand out from the crowd.

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We’re Passionate About Solving Three Major Problems…

Mind the employability gap
Attending university is a brilliant opportunity to gain subject skills, and on the whole, tends to be a positive experience.

A dissertation, in particular, is a great way to gain research experience at any level—undergraduate, masters or a doctorate.

But we can no longer ignore three core problems that hold back students and graduates already in the workforce…

#1 Problem

Students are not explicitly taught the full set of self-leadership skills needed to thrive and excel. Both taught and research degree programmes focus almost exclusively on subject skills.

#2 Problem

Wellbeing is essential for learning, living and working well. But many are struggling and languishing. We need better resources to help everyone – students and lecturers alike – to thrive and excel.

#3 Problem

Employers keep telling us, over and over again, there exists a wide gap between what graduates offer, and what workplaces need. Employers are not mindreaders. They want accredited evidence to discern much-needed “soft skills”. A degree is no longer enough.

The Solution? The Full Skillset of Self-Leadership

Extensive research, leader testimonials and employer feedback highlight the many beneficial outcomes of self-leadership. Building self-leadership skills positively impact diverse areas of life—at university, doing a dissertation, in the workplace and in our personal lives. We are developing a fully accredited programme of learning that students and graduates can do to thrive and excel—either before, during or after a dissertation. 

Student Time Management

Improves Productivity

Student Self Efficacy

Enhances Self Efficacy

Student Resilience

Drives Resilience

Student Relationships

Builds Relationships

Student cognitive agility skills

Increases Agility

Student Problem Solving Skills

Enhances Problem Solving

Student Wellbeing

Boosts Wellbeing

Successful Graduate Outcomes

Drives Career Success

Self-Leadership STARTS with Self-Awareness

Everybody thinks they are self-aware. But compelling research tells a different story—self-awareness is remarkably rare! Yet it’s critical for transformative growth and leadership. Take our short course – FREE for a limited time only – and you’ll:

  • Understand what self-awareness involves (hint: most don’t!)
  • Identify plenty of opportunities for growth
  • Increase your chances of thriving and excelling
  • Boost employability and job prospects
  • Benefit you now and throughout your career
Self-Awareness Course
dissertation help is needed

Self-leadership, the ability to positively influence and apply ourselves, shows us not only what could be done, but why and how it can be achieved.

Yet students are rarely explicitly taught these must-have self-leadership skills, capabilities and habits of mind.

It’s time for a change.

Dr Nicola Thomas Founder of DISSERTOLOGY

Dr Nicola Thomas, PhD, FHEA, PgCertHE, Founder, DISSERTOLOGY

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